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Series. Law sciences, Economic sciences

Scientific journal «Foreign trade: economics, finance, law» № 1 (108) 2020
  • articles are reviewed;
  • content approved at the meeting of the editorial board;
  • issued on the recommendation of the Academy Council of KNUTE (protocol of meeting № 5 from 30.01.2020);
  • signed for publication from 17.02.2020. 

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31617/zt.knute.2020(108)

C O N T E N T  

Mazaraki N., Goncharova Yu. Activities of the WTO disputes settlement body: overcoming disparities
Kregul Yu., Batrymenko V., Kostyuchenko Ya. Ukraine and the EU: institutionaland legal ensuring transparency


Romanadze L. The evolution of civil procedure and mediations: foreign experience 23
Honcharenko О. Transnational trade law as a form of normative self-regulation 32
Tyshchenko Yu. Foreign economic agreement and contract: terminological aspects 43
Ilchenko H. Features of inheritance under English law 54
Mushenok V. State support for the development of agricultural advisory activity 63
Veselov M.
Protecting the rights of minors
when bringing to administrative responsibility