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Series. Law sciences, Economic sciences

Hvozdetskyi V. D. Renovation of administrative and legal mechanism of preventing and countering corruption in Ukraine which is propelled by the Revolution of Dignity 4
Nikonchuk A. M. Legal principles of counteraction to patent trolling in Ukraine 25
Matsko A. S.,
Lytvynenko N. S.
Legal regulation of shale gas extraction in Ukraine in the context of environmental protection 34
Rodoman T. O. Characterizing features of the concept "change of the contract terms" in the civil legislation of Ukraine 46
Huzhva I. Yu. Practical aspects of creation of favorable preconditions for intensification of trade in the Black Sea region 53
Smyrnov I. H. Logistics of exhibition activity: world and Ukrainian experience 62
Dyma O. O. The analysis of trends in the development of intermediary organizations 72
Sukhorukova M. O. Global institutionalization: essential characteristics and development stages 83
Zhebrovska O. O. Trends in the development of integrated marketing communications during the transformation of the world economic environment 92
Chen Tsziun Peculiarities of the state regulation of foreign trade in China 99
Sibekina A. Yu. Organizational and management measures of activation of the implementation of symmetric Ukraine free trade zone with the EU 107
Serhiyenko L. K.,
Kozak D. A.
The impact of budget policy of Ukraine on economic security of the state 116
Amalian N. The subject of the discipline "Money and Credit" 124
Yevtushevska O. A. Peculiarities of organization of control and management accounting at the enterprises of water transport 129
Persenko L. I. Some approaches to policy formation of region development 137