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KHARSUN Liudmyla,
Ph. D. in Economics, associate Professor,
associate Professor of the Department of Trading Business and Logistics
of the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics 


Background. The trade was and remains the original indicator of the crisis in the economy of Ukraine. Main problem it faces today is the falling of the real incomes and purchasing power of population. As a result, on the example of trading companies it is mostly possible to demonstrate the actualization of the search how to achieve competitive prices on goods and services during optimization of business processes on all length of logistic supply chains.
Analysis of recent researches and publications. Modern scientific literature is presented by the numerous publications, dedicated to the research of reasons and consequences of inflationary processes in Ukraine, and also search of ways of their inhibition. Very popular among home and foreign authors are the questions related to application of logistic approach in the all level management systems. At the same time, the role of logistics in the forming of the macroeconomic indexes, including rate of inflation, is not investigated enough.
The aim is to exposure the possibilities of the inflationary processes in trade inhibition by optimization logistic processes on trade enterprises and by improvement of logistic maintenance system of trade flows in Ukraine.
Materials and methods. Statistical data of Government service of statistics of Ukraine, publications of home and foreign scientists, practical authors and experts became the informative base of research. System, statistical and graphic methods in combination allowed to estimate the inflationary processes in Ukraine and to estimate the potential of their inhibition due to application of logistic approach in the trade flow management.
Results. Substantial reduction of physical commodity turnover volume is fixed in Ukraine. Among reasons of such situation should be admitted inflation. Considerable potential to the consumer prices decline can be found in the logistic charges reduction and in quality of logistics maintenance of trade improvement.
It was set that the price increase in the group of the food stuffs presented mainly by the commodities of home production was greater. Therefore basic possibilities of the inflationary pressure on trade decline should be found in internal logistics charges.
Conclusion. On the whole, the consumer price inhibition due to logistic optimization mostly depends on the level of national logistics services market development in Ukraine. Also logistic operators and trade enterprises must pay considerable attention to the questions of modernization, automation, introduction of innovations in the logistics processes oriented on upgrading of quality and decline of charges of logistic trade flows maintenance. 

Keywords: logistic, inflation, consumer prices, retail commodity turnover, logistic constituent, logistic maintenance of trade.