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Series. Law sciences, Economic sciences

Scientific journal «Foreign trade: economics, finance, law»  2(97) 2018
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  • content approved at the meeting of the editorial board;
  • issued on the recommendation of the Academy Council of KNUTE (protocol of meeting № 8 from 29.03.2018);
  • signed for publication from 06.04.2018. 


C O N T E N T 

Shestopalova L. The legal responsibility in the law 5
Bondarenko N. The formation of civil society in Ukraine 16
Honcharenko O. The theoretical basis for self-regulation of economic activity 23
Koriagina A. The category «victim of relationship crime» in legal science 32
Bakalinska O.,
Buhaienko N.
Antimonopolic control of information exchange between competitors 41
Ondrovа Ju. Constitutional law proceedings in Slovak Republic and Czech Republic 52
Masar D.,
KovachovA N.,
Jankurova A.
Stimulation of electoral interest in Slovak Republic 62
Bazylevskyі S. Abuse of procedural rights in the administrative process 70
Mykytenko L. Suspension of the license action for proceedings of economic activity 82
Koreniuk O. Information with the limited access as an object of economic relations 91
Poharchenko T. Determinants of crimes related to violations of state social standards 101
Davydenko V. Overcoming of the counteraction
to the investigation of violent crimes among militaries

Vinnyk O. Normative-legal regulation of relations in the field of digital economy 124
Krehul Yu., Batrymenko Vasyl, Batrymenko Valeriy Legal regulation of the international electronic commerce 136
Chaplian S. Legal status of cryptocurrency 148
Ilchenko H. «Comparative civil law» in the legal education system 166
Mozhaikina О. Legal analysis of settlement of a dispute involving a judge 174