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Series. Law sciences, Economic sciences

Scientific journal «Foreign trade: economics, finance, law» № 5 (106) 2019
  • articles are reviewed;
  • content approved at the meeting of the editorial board;
  • issued on the recommendation of the Academy Council of KNUTE (protocol of meeting № 1 from 05.09.2019);
  • signed for publication from 28.10.2019. 

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31617/zt.knute.2019(106)

C O N T E N T  

Zadorozhnya H.  
International treaties: protection of national interests 5
Alyonkin O., Koretckiy S.  
Рrotection of cultural human rights in Ukraine 17
Ivantsova Z.  
«Contra vires» principle and dualistic model of local self-government 25
Gurzhiy Т., Kovalenko Zh.  
Public control as a legal form of interaction between the state and society 35
Veselov M.  
Institute of administrative responsibility in the juvenile justice system 49
Melnychenko R.  
Tax control of transfer pricing in Ukraine 63
Shkrebtiienko A.  
World market of biological medicines 80
Verbitsky O.  
Administrative and legal guarantees for ensuring the own safety of police officers 88
Harat M.  
Genesis of urban planning legislation of Ukraine 101
Nikitenko V., Landina A.  
Professional identity as a sign of a special crime subject 117
Polonka I.  
Criteria for insanity of the subjects of the illegal act 125