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Series. Law sciences, Economic sciences

Scientific journal «Foreign trade: economics, finance, law» № 6 (107) 2019
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  • content approved at the meeting of the editorial board;
  • issued on the recommendation of the Academy Council of KNUTE (protocol of meeting № 3 from 21.11.2019);
  • signed for publication from 17.12.2018. 

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31617/zt.knute.2019(107)

C O N T E N T  

Duginets G., Pavlyshyna K.  
Sanctions in foreign trade 5
Melnyk T., Hrynko K.  
National innovation systems: the impact of transnationalization 18
Fedun I., Kolomiiets D.  
Integration processes in the Asia-Pacific region 27
Yuzba V., Samovalov O.  
Industrial parks: the tool for stimulating the state’s economic development 37
Zubko T.  
Competitive advantages of enterprises in foreign trade 49
Kulish L.  
Institutional capacity of national competition offices 66
Hellyer M.  
Ukraine’s trade under the DCFTA: a disaggregated statistical investigation 79
Dziuba P.  
Behaviorism: evolution and place in international portfolio investing theory 89