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"Зовнішня торгівля: економіка, фінанси, право" з економічних та юридичних наук 

Ph.D. in Economics, senior researcher, head of sector for development of transport infrastructure of the security Department of the real sector of economy of the National Institute for strategic studies


Background. Maritime transport is an integral part of the international logistics system and traditionally plays a leading role in world trade. Expansion of the world trade and market integration, liberalization of trade conditions as a result of international trade organizations achievements is the main reason for significant growth in shipping. However in Ukraine, which positions itself as a maritime state, trends of the development of the sector of maritime transport not only don’t correspond to global, but also to the actual economic needs and the interests of the people of Ukraine. So domestic scientists now face the urgent issues of finding ways of revival of Ukraine’s status as a maritime state, strengthening its naval power.
The analysis of recent research and publications. The works of many domestic scientists are dedicated to the problems of the marine industry development and economic relations of marine complex of Ukraine in conditions of formation of global development model and enhance the impact of economic globalization on the structuring and transformation of market relations. Despite the wide range of research in this area, the issue of revival of national merchant shipping as one of the most powerful segments of the Ukrainian economy, which is essential in provision of economic security of state and establishing its national economic interests is not sufficiently revealed in Ukrainian scientific literature.
The aim of the article is to study the modern trends and define the priority directions of merchant shipping development from the side of provision of national economic interests of Ukraine.
Materials and methods. The study is conducted on the basis of the statistical data of State Statistics of Ukraine, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Administration seaports of Ukraine data (ASPU).
Results. The dynamics of sea shipping in the world is formed by the impact of global macroeconomic conjuncture. In the article the research of modern trends and key factors of merchant shipping development in the world and in Ukraine is conducted, the recommendations on the formation and implementation of consistent state maritime policy which is focused on expanding economic presence of Ukraine in the space of the world ocean and the development of merchant shipping as a factor of provision of national interests of Ukraine are developed.
Conclusion. According to the results of the study there was concluded that in Ukraine, which is positioning itself as a Maritime power, modern trends in the Maritime transport sector do not only meet, but in many cases are the opposite of global trends, needs of the national economy and the interests of the people of Ukraine. It is established that the main limiting factors in the development of national merchant shipping in Ukraine is the lack of an unified state strategy of development of sea branch and the low level of implementation of competitive economic policy in the sphere of merchant shipping.
The main direction of development of the national merchant shipping is defined, which consists in the transformation of the shipping on the promising sector of the economy, which will develop rapidly and provide significant contribution to the national GDP of the country and a positive trade balance, present Ukraine worthily on the international market of transport service, will be catalyst for activity in other sectors of economy, as well as an efficient means of implementing the efforts of the state, aimed at increasing the representation of Ukraine in the world commodity markets. Comprehensive support measures for the revival of national merchant shipping in Ukraine are defined.
Keywords: merchant shipping, sea state policy, national interests of Ukraine, the shipping market.