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Ph. D. in Economics, senior researcher,
head of sector for development of transport infrastructure
of the security Department of the real sector of economy
of the National Institute for strategic studies 


Background. Now it is reasonable to offer an approach to developing the updated National transport system of Ukraine up to 2030 (NTS), which is based on considering the conditions of intensification of the struggle between States for transportation and logistics domination, and to define the purpose of NTS and the development priorities of the transport sector, the implementation of which will allow to carry out a series of effective economic, structural, organizational, technological and institutional reforms in the transport, will provide a quick exit of the transport sector from the crisis and will provide the necessary impetus for its development in the next 15 years.
Analysis of recent researches and publications. Scientists study certain types of transport, proceeding from the peculiarities of each of them, focusing on the reform and development strategies, separately rail, sea, air, road transport, although accent the need for maximum interaction between them. Thus the problem of formation of development strategy of Ukraine NTS as an important factor of economic security of the state and a driver of economic growth, which would be implemented in the context of the implementation of far-reaching transport policies to achieve national economic and political interests of the country and easy access to world commodity markets, remains unsolved.
The aim of this article is to develop additions to strategic objective and priorities of the state policy in development of transport sector of Ukraine for the next 15 years.
Materials and methods. The author used general scientific and special research methods, in particular induction and deduction, methods of system approach, comparative economic analysis, generalization and analytical groupings. The information base was the works of domestic scientists and materials of the State statistics service of Ukraine.
The results of the study. Today in the world the struggle of States unfolds for access to new product markets and expanding presence in existing ones as well as for transport and logistics dominance in the global, Intercontinental and regional directions of goods traffic, which will provide unhindered access to the markets of raw materials and finished products. The author analyzed the strategy of transport systems development of the leading countries on the basis of which was proposed the strategic goal of transport sector development of Ukraine for the next 15 years. It was defined the priorities of the state policy, implementation of which will ensure quick exit of the transport sector from the crisis and will give the necessary impetus for its further development.
Conclusion. The new transport strategy of Ukraine should assign the long-term vector of transport sector development of Ukraine in the system of modern challenges and threats, internal and external, needs to consider the anticipated structural shifts in the economy of the country and the results of the implementation of structural reforms in the transport sector, provide no alternative to innovative development of transport sector of Ukraine.
The introduction of the new NTS will allow to create a competitive internal transport market and to build a comprehensive, balanced by modes of transport, efficient national transport system that is able to satisfy in full the demands of society for transportation and to be competitive in the international market of transport services.
Keywords: transport sector, state policy, the national interests of Ukraine, structural reforms, market, competition.