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Postgraduate student of the Department of hotel and restaurant business
of Kiev National University of Trade and Economics 


Background. Formation of franchise relations in the travel business is the actual practice of business activity on the global service market. Franchising provides a quick start operation of travel enterprises which adapted its business concept and strategic development of the minimum amount of necessary investment for the franchisee and territorial expansion of tourist products, promotion of tourism brand and establishment of professional relationships with business partners to the franchisor.
The international franchise network is actively developing both the global and the domestic tourism market. Accordingly, it is appropriate to explore and analyze the effectiveness of the international travel companies that operate in the franchise system on the territory of Ukraine in order to identify patterns and core of effective development of domestic tourism networks.
The aim of the study is research and evaluation of international travel companies that operate in the franchise system in Ukraine with the possibility of implementing basic laws for their effective development of domestic travel business.
Materials and methods. Statistical and graphical techniques, methods of synthesis, analysis and systematization were the methodological basis of combined scientific research that have allowed to assess the effectiveness of international travel companies that operate in the franchise system on the market of Ukraine. The works of local and foreign scientists, relevant online sources were the information base for the study.
The results of the research. A general characterization of international travel companies operating on the franchise market in Ukraine were researched and provided; summarized and supplemented by international performance evaluation of the effectiveness of travel enterprises; the performance of international travel companies was analyzed to identify and use the main trends of their efficiency in domestic enterprises of tourism, in developing the franchise system.
Conclusion. Risk factors for foreign investors were identified and impede the development of international tourism franchise networks in Ukraine and require strategic solutions. Hence, the implementation of the above effective global trends of international travel companies operating in the franchise system on the Ukrainian market of services is appropriate for use by domestic travel enterprises.
Keywords: franchising, international travel enterprises, performance evaluation, franchising tourist networks, service market of Ukraine, international tourist networks.