The opening speech. University greeting on the 20th anniversary of USUFIT
Huzhva I. Yu.,
Onyshchenko V. P.
The global chains of value added and integration of Ukraine into them 10
Onyshchenko V. P. Modern organizational forms and models of international business 20
Andriychuk V. H. The verification of autonomous preferential trade regime provided by the EU and the possibility of its use by production and export potential of Ukraine 32
Yatsenko O. M.,
Nevzhliad N. H.,
Nevzhliad A. H.
Development of export potential of the agricultural sector of the economy of Ukraine in the context of globalization 39
Smyrnov I. H. The Canadian system of supply management in the agricultural business: recommendations for Ukraine 49
Harasym Yu. Yo. The analysis of the national system of standardization and certification in the context of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU 58
Ostapenko T. H. Baby economy as a factor of improving the efficiency of the use of human potential in the context of globalization 66
Bulakh T. M.,
Plakhotnikova L. O.
Innovative direction of improvement of the management system of social development of village on the basis of cluster approach 74
Korovaichenko N. Yu.,
Shevchenko L. V. 
The impact of domestic and foreign shocks on trade development between Ukraine and Germany 81
Ilnytskyi D. O. Reporting and accountability of world-class universities: theory and practice 90
Udod N. M. Global climate changes: the impact on international trade and regulation means 105
Penska I. O. Peculiarities of influence of multinational corporation on the economic development of Ukraine 114
Nazarenko O. A. Comparative analysis of shifts in trade between the European Union and individual countries of the world, considering coming into force of the agreements on the establishment of free trade areas 125
Sibekina A. Yu. The research of the influence of the FTA with the European Union on the social and economic development of the countries 135
Dzhalylov A. The issues of the theory and methodology of the fragmentation of international production of transnational companies 144
Turov V. V. Directions of change in export policy of Kazakhstan 150
Dmytriyeva N. O. Strategic approaches regarding electronic systems of support of exporters of Ukraine 164
Chen Khuntsze The selection and strategic opportunities of China in the context of «Ukrainian crisis» 175
Hamma T. M.,
Tereshchenko O. M.
Criteria for evaluation of the economic efficiency of integration processes in the food industry 181
Sukhorukov A. I.,
Sobkevych O. V.
Activation of investment and innovation policy in the industry is strategic priority of national economic interests of Ukraine  193
Drahan O. A. Strategy of the enterprise economic security: informative and taxonomic aspect 206
Yevtushevska O. A. Evaluation of the efficiency of the system of internal control of water transport enterprises 214
Shcherban O. D. Sources of provision of financial stability of the insurer 222
Sukrusheva H. O. The theoretical aspects of the concept of «economic security of the region» 231
Zelinskyi M. Yu.,
Sarakun L. P.
Cultural policy in Ukraine on the stage of transit 239